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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Big Owl Lubricants

Big Owl Lubricants orders can be called in at 601-565-2704 or by stopping by in Kentwood. We also frequent the Pike County Speedway in Pike County, MS on race day!

What makes up Big Owl Lubricants

Big Owl Lubricants are specially designed with high quality base oils to meet the viscometric properties that race cars needs. In addition to these base oils, high quality additives such as zinc for anti-wear, molybdenum for lubricity, and nitrogen for dispersancy are added for maximum perforance in your racing engine.

What’s the minimum order amount?

We are happy to sell in any quantity. Whether you need 1 gallon or 1,000. We're happy to help.

Do you have oils other than racing engine oils?

Big Owl is a brand designed for the race car industry. We pride ourselves on providing racing engine oils, but we do offer other lubricants that you would use in passenger car, on and off-road heavy duty engines, as well as industrial use.

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